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Graham Botfield

I have worked with Charles for many years on a number of websites and have found him very easy to work with and both professional and responsive to my specific needs. One of Charles key strengths is his ability to explain the complicated in common language and work closely to find the best solutions. I recommend Charles to anyone looking to set up a small business.

Denise Anderson

Dear Charles - Thank you so much for all your help over the past couple of years. We are very grateful for your super quick response to any IT issues we have, your unfailing cheerfulness and patience. You have taken the pain out of our IT and web issues which has made the world of difference to us. We particularly appreciate the no nonsense advice you've been able to give us on managing rural broadband, secure servers and remote access. Thank you.

Terry Wright

We were lucky: just in time we found Charles and Sussex PC Works.

We had had a website written but were struggling: it was just not right and much needed adding and amending but the original developer was either not interested or more likely had found himself out of his depth. Then we were recommended to Charles and Sussex PC Works and had found a business that was competent, able and willing to put right all the problems – and fast!

Moreover, from the first day Charles took a personal interest in the well-being of our business and was so helpful and constructive that our business never looked back. Had it not been for Sussex PC Works, I am in no doubt that our business would have foundered.

We’ve now come to rely on Charles at Sussex PC Works and to treat him as a treasured friend, well knowing that whatever we want done or with whatever we need help he will always happy to come to our aid.

Phillip Mitchell PCM Mowerman Ltd

If you need an expert on computers without any jargon Charles is your man. Thank you for all your help this last year

Chiara Vagnarelli

Charles, thank you so much for the advice and support and your patience! I have already learnt a lot in 45 minutes.

Mark C

Charles was extremely helpful when our website developed problems. He is also available to help out at short notice. Thanks Charles.

Alex Ross

Perfect, prompt service as usual delivered with a smile also as usual.

Andy Rome

I had a clear idea of how I wanted our site to look and work. Sussex PC Works made that happen whilst making numerous and significant improvements. I felt in control the whole way whilst being educated in how to acheive our aims. I would like to say a big thank you for your time and effort it really is appreciated. We will no doubt have additional requirements as the site develops and I will certainly be trusting Sussex PC Works to do them.

Tracey Brooks

Without Charles at Sussex Pc Works my website would still be in the dark ages (and myself most definitely in the dark!) Helpful, thorough and always patient, I have never hesitated to contact them for advice or support.

Chloe Hayward

Sussex Pc Works has been invaluable to our business. They have fixed every problem to date; retrieving lost data, setting up our network, advising us on hardware and software purchases, liaising with our accounting software technical services and helping us to set up the website. They are very efficient,helpful and able and I cannot recommend them enough.
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