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Ubuntu 10.10 64bit Ralink3090

Posted Sunday, 28 April 2013 11:42

I have been attempting this on and off since 10.10 RC1. The machine I use also has a Belkin N Wirelss card using the Ralink 2860 chipset.

The result of compilig the 3090 driver from the Ralink website has always been for the computer to hang at the logon screen but now its working.

Attached below is the correct driver from the Ralink Website. Download Ralink Driver file, extract to a folder and edit the file in




If you have not allready done so install the requirements to compile the driver. Specifically sudo apt-get install build-essential  devscripts cdbs.

In the DPO_RT3390_LinuxSTA_V2.4.0.1_20100831 directory run sudo make and then sudo make install.

Restart your machine and you should have a device ra0 showing in ifconfig. lsmod should show rt3390sta. If not then edit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf and blacklist the items shown below. I had to include the rt3090sta and rt2860sta which were drivers from previous driver compilations.

blacklist rt2800pci
blacklist rt2800lib
blacklist rt2860sta
blacklist rt3090sta
blacklist rt2x00pci
blacklist rt2x00lib

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